Are you a high school girl in Los Angeles?

Are you interested in exploring poetry, songs, screenplays, fiction and other kinds of creative writing? Would you like a professional woman writer to mentor you and help you with your writing? If your answers are yes, then WriteGirl is the right place for you. 

Our monthly interactive workshops and one-on-one mentoring from professional women writers in Los Angeles will give you techniques, tools and tips to electrify your writing. You will be joining a growing community of women writers where you can express yourself freely, share your ideas, expand your creativity and develop strong communication skills.

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Participation in WriteGirl can help you get your work published, improve your academic performance and turn your ideas, stories and creative vision into powerful messages that can impact the world!

To join WriteGirl, please complete the application and fax it to 213.253.2618 

 Download application here (PDF)

If you still have any questions about joining WriteGirl contact us at or call 213.253.2655 

“I am so excited about WriteGirl. Anytime I’m feeling down I remind myself that I am a part of something powerful and great.”
A WriteGirl Mentee