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WriteGirl accepts volunteer and mentee applications year round. 

We are seeking women writers to apply to volunteer to help empower and inspire the next generation of women writers! 

And we welcome teen girls, age 13 - 18 (yes, you need to be at least 13!), to register for our upcoming season.  



Our 14th anthology is here! 

Introducing EMOTIONAL MAP OF LOS ANGELES: Creative Voices from WriteGirl

In Emotional Map of Los Angeles, 190 girls and women share poems and stories about their lives, their families, their dreams and their emotions. Many of the pieces in this anthology connect with Los Angeles, where concrete rivers, vines of jasmine and miles of freeways weave a complex web of canyons, landmarks and neighborhoods we all call home. The city where we live is filled with people, life lessons, heartache and joy that carve their way into the landscape of our lives.

“There’s nothing like a jolt of beautiful, authentic voices to inspire and delight … WriteGirl gets down life. We get to share in that raw power.”
– Rita Hsiao, co-writer Mulan, Toy Story 2

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Did you know...

...27 of our girls graduated high school last year.  And do you know how many of them are going to college? All of them. That’s right, for over a decade, WriteGirl has continued its outstanding tradition of ensuring that 100% of our girls go to college.

At WriteGirl, we match girls with women writers who mentor them in creative writing. Every year, we produce dozens of workshops, panel discussions and special events to help girls get creative, get through high school and get to college! Success stories

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