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Saturday, January 26
POETRY WORKSHOP: The Huntington, Pasadena
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Art inspires poetry inspires art. Color, shape, texture, sound...your senses will come alive at this all-day extravaganza to help guide your poetic voice. Renowned poets will share insights and techniques, and of course, we will end the day with our annual, “WriteGirl Poetry Cafe,” where girls are invited to share some of their poetry and passion!

Saturday, February 23
SONGWRITING WORKSHOP: The Huntington, Pasadena
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Stellar singer/songwriters will help girls craft lyrics in this day-long lyric writing event. The day culminates in a special showcase where our singer/songwriter guests will set some of the girls’ lyrics to music. Don’t miss this day!

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Publishing Opportunities

  • LA Times High School Insider — Students post their stories on LATimes.com to report on the issues that matter to them. If you're interested in getting involved send an email to Kyle.Finck@latimes.com.

  • ForthWrite Magazine is an online, news-based publication produced for and by teenagers, co-founded by WriteGirl Allyson. ForthWrite is seeking contributors, and you can apply online Here.

  • #PoetWe Campaign, launched by WriteGirl alumna Amanda Gorman, is a national initiative that invites students to write poetry about why creative writing and the arts matter.

  • Teen Ink Magazine — If you are ages 13-19 and you'd like to be published in this online magazine, you can submit an original work of poetry, fiction or non-fiction. Rolling deadlines. 

  • Rookie is an online magazine that’s always looking for submissions of fiction, nonfiction, essays (not school essays), rants, raves, humor, poetry from teens. 

  • CICADA is a YA lit/comics magazine fascinated with the lyric and strange and committed to work that speaks to teens’ truths. Submit online.

  • YARN is an online literary journal that publishes creative writing for young adult readers, ages 14-18, and features work by young people alongside adult writers. 

  • Canvas Literary Journal asks writers ages 13-18 to submit in the areas of fiction, memoir, poetry, playwriting, nonfiction, new media and cross-genre.

Writing Contests

  • BOOKFOX is a great list of writing contests, year-round.

  • The Tomorrow Prize — If you love writing sci-fi, this contest is for you! Winners will have their work read at LitFest Pasadena in May! Submissions Open: October 1, 2018. Deadline: February 18, 2019.


  • The 2019 Encampment: June 29th - July 23rd  – The Encampment is a residential summer program that prepares young people to be effective global citizens through experiential learning and through living in a diverse, democratic community. If you are between 15-18 and are interested in leadership development, please apply by February 4, 2019. http://encampmentforcitizenship.org

  • The LARB/USC Publishing Workshop — During this five-week summer program in Los Angeles, Fellows work with the most forward-thinking people in publishing and digital culture, gaining the training and hands-on experience needed to thrive in this competitive field. Open to graduating college seniors and alumni. Applications are considered on a rolling basis until April 30, 2019. To be considered for a scholarship, your application must be in by February 15, 2019. Apply here.

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Additional Resources

LOW COST INTERNET – The nonprofit organization human-I-T offers a low-cost internet program to assist qualifying households to find low-cost internet options, ranging from $10-$25 a month with no contracts. Click here to check out this great resource.