Name Name Name!


Written by WriteGirl mentee: Joanna C., age 16

What’s In a Name?
Pens on Fire Creative, Writing Experiments for Teens from WriteGirl,  pg.81
There are moments that you want to change your name, don’t like your name, or wish for someone else’s name.
Write about your name: first name, last name, middle name, nickname, names you were almost called, names you wish you were or weren’t called.

My friends, family who aren’t close to me, and other new people call me Johnie, Hannah, Anna, Alla, Jojo etc. Sometimes it gets annoying  because people don’t adequately get my name and  spell it wrong. My name is Joanna. Sometimes I wish I could change my name to Paulette or some other unique name. It would be awesome to be different from other girls with a name that is not common and not often heard. My name is special to me and I love it because it means God’s grace and gift. When I was born the doctors said to my mom, “ Your daughter is not going to make it through her first year of life”, this was unbelievable news to her about her first child. Now I am still here alive with every body part, a gift