Where does your money go?


$25 provides writing workshop materials, including journals, for 3 girls.
$50 provides comprehensive training manuals for 5 writing mentors.
$100 provides presentation materials for one complete full-day workshop.
$250 provides a nutritious lunch at a WriteGirl workshop for 50 participants.
$400 supports the development and presentation of two full-day workshops.
$1,000 provides a year’s worth of writing and research supplies for up to 100 WriteGirl members.
$5,000 provides substantial support for WriteGirl’s annual publication and presentation of our work at a public reading.
$10,000 helps sustain WriteGirl as a powerful force for change in our community.


We need your help to keep our 100% success rate in guiding girls to college. Help us send every one of our girls on to college.

And just in case you need a bit more convincing, here are 3 more reasons to give:

  • Your donation supports the efforts of 150 women writers who work one-on-one with our girls, in mentoring sessions, at workshops and in schools. Collectively, they contribute 2,000 hours of volunteer time every month.

  • WriteGirl helps 350 girls each year. Your donation gives us the staff and the resources we need to produce high-quality educational workshops and materials to inspire girls to succeed.

  • As one of only 12 organizations in the country to receive a 2013 National Arts & Humanities Youth Program Award, presented in November by Michelle Obama, WriteGirl is worthy of your investment.

More Ways to Support WriteGirl

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Buy Our Books! All book sales benefit the WriteGirl Program.

Contribute food, goods or professional services. Contact us at (213) 253-2655, or email us at info@writegirl.org.

Gifts for Girls? We're seeking graduation and appreciation gifts for our girls and their mentors. The types of things we're looking for include beauty products, gift cards, candles, journals, books, DVDs and more. If you have any items you can donate, or know of any companies that can, please let us know! Email us at info@writegirl.org 

In-Kind donations are 100% tax-deductible!

These are just six WriteGirl alumnae we wanted to introduce to you. There are thousands more!



We need your help to keep WriteGirl thriving. Your donation makes an immediate, measurable and lasting impact on the life of a young girl. Thanks for helping girls write their way to positive futures!