Teen Girls' Lyrics Come to Life in Song


Held at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy in Downtown Los Angeles, 160 WriteGirl women and girls learned the art of songwriting from the industry’s best women!

Special songwriter guests including Bonnie McKee (Wrecking Ball, Roar), Allee Willis (Boogie Wonderland, Friends Theme), and others shared their expertise and guided our girls to create their own songs.

"It always surprises me," said songwriter guest Michelle Lewis. "This is my twelfth year and something always surprises me. Now when you listen to songs, listen with a new awareness of what goes into them."

After a day of workshops and one-on-one sessions, our songwriter guests performed the original songs written by some of our girls!

WriteGirl mentee Kira enjoyed the workshop. "The singers and songwriters, the explanation of the process, and the stories that they told us and incorporated into their writing were really inspiring."

"The maturity level of the content of the songs was surprising and encouraging," said songwriter guest Allison Jayne. "I was really impressed. The songs that ended up getting performed, I could've heard those on the radio."

Songwriter guest Celeste Scalone Stoney echoed that sentiment. "Every girl I met today was so full of light and inspiration. It was such a blessing to be able to help inspire these girls and encourage their writing."

Songwriter and former WriteGirl mentee Rosemarie Tan said, "All of the girls and the commercial definitely inspired me with how far the program has come. Write from the heart."

Thanks to our singer-songwriter guests for another inspiring songwriting workshop!

Deanna DellaCioppa, Kyler England, Laurie Geltman, Louise Goffin, Kay Hanley, Alison Jayne, Robin Lerner, Michelle Lewis, LP, Mayre Martinez, Bonnie McKee, Lisa Nemzo, Holly Palmer, Anne Previn, Lindsey Ray, Janet Robin, Renee Stahl, Celeste Scalone Stoney, Rosemarie Tan, Keren Taylor, Allee Willis, and Krysta Youngs.