Wingless & Free: Poetry by a WriteGirl Teen

It's time for our annual Poetry Drive! We'll be sharing original poetry written by our teen girls.  Today, a poem about bravery...

Wingless & Free

A Poem by WriteGirl Mentee Denise, Age 17

Trapped in a circle
No way to turn
Yellow demon eyes follow
as I run

looking to see when I fall.

I'm a wingless bird and
a toothless lion.
My arms have no power.
My fists have no fight.

I've fallen before, the scabs
on my knees are trophies for
As I get to my feet.

The scars on my body are not
from playing too rough but
from fighting those demons,
the ones I conquered.

I have a weapon, a secret device.
I call it the will to survive.
The eye of my tiger.
The Katniss in me.
Break down, fall down,
get up without tears.

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