Here is one stand-out poem, written by WriteGirl Reina, age 16. But she asked us to tell you, “Keep in mind that I wrote this ‘story’ in 5 minutes."


I’ve been through it

Loss, struggle

I've learned and I've grown

I've disrespected and I have respected

I've shown weakness and I have shown strength

No longer will I be the female afraid of love and struggle

My laugh is one unknown!

It is piercing, it shows rain and rainbows

My hair is the waves, the intervening waves in the ocean

My eyes are are the end result of blooming flowers

My voice is equivalent to the four directions

You can hear strength and you can hear sorrow

But most of all, me

My smile is the sunset and the stars

My attitude is salt and pepper

The sweet and the cries

I am me and I won’t ever change

My only options are up: