WriteGirl Cafe: Serving Up Writing Advice


WriteGirl Editing Workshop

Drawing on the tradition of writers gathering in cafes, WriteGirl created a lively bistro setting, complete with delicious pastries donated by Porto's Bakery, for girls and their mentors to choose and refine their pieces for the upcoming 13th annual WriteGirl anthology.

To help inspire and direct them, stations were set up around the room. "Forever-WG" offered a closet-full of probing questions - draped playfully on hangers. At the "Emo Drive Thru", girls could explore the tone and mood of their writing. "WriteGirl Radio" gave them an opportunity to smooth out the rhythm and flow by recording and listening to a playback of their pieces. On "The Boardwalk," a WriteGirl could consult with "Madame Reviso," who gazed into her crystal ball and issued editing instructions for a brighter future. "The Garden" provided a cozy spot and inspirations to cultivate new work. For the girl further along in her editing, a visit to the doctor was in order. At "WriteGirl M.D.," she reviewed her work with an editorial consultant who gave her just the right prescription to move her writing forward.

The day was not entirely self-directed, however. In small groups the WriteGirl teens and mentors edited three bland example poems: "Puppies," "Butterflies" and "Love." Each group reported back on what editing approaches they took to improve the writing. "Today I learned that even though a piece doesn't sound perfect now, it doesn't mean it lacks potential."

– a WriteGirl Mentee