WHAT do you get a teenage girl for the holidays?

So WHAT do you get a teenage girl for the holidays?

What does she want? What does she need?

Despite what she tells you, it’s not a hot new pair of jeans or an even flatter cellphone.

Those things are great, but they will only last a few years at best.

We have a list of things that will help a girl for her entire life…

1. A chance to find her inner voice without being graded, judged or silenced

  1. The inspiration to write so many stories that she needs another journal

  2. A space just for girls, where they don’t have to compete with boys’ voices

  3. Communication tools to navigate life’s challenges

  4. To see her work in print - in a book

  5. A revolutionary perspective on girls’ voices and whether they deserve to be heard

  6. Confidence

  7. New friends

  8. Encouragement

  9. Individual support to complete her college applications

  10. Decision-making skills

  11. Sensational and surprising writing experiences

  12. The bravery and sense of self to fill it up

  13. A chance to get a glimpse of a possible future career

  14. Visits to new venues that she may not otherwise get to, like the Grammy Museum and Disney Hall

  15. Emotional support

  16. Family support

  17. Help researching colleges

  18. A sense of possibility

  19. Someone who is not her parent or teacher to talk with her about her choices, in school and in life

  20. A chance to develop healthy ways to express her feelings

  21. To meet girls with the same interests

  22. To meet girls with different interests

  23. Practice keeping commitments

  24. Leadership skills

  25. To become a better writer no matter what career she chooses

  26. To meet celebrity writers and learn about their journeys

  27. To learn how to revise her own work

  28. To see her work evolve

  29. To learn how to set and achieve goals

  30. Help applying for financial aid

  31. Understanding

  32. One very cool journal

  33. Another journal, when the first one fills up

  34. A full slate of writing activities to try whenever, wherever

  35. A different way of looking at things

  36. Permission to fail

  37. Information on internships

  38. Help with writing a resume and looking for a job

  39. To discover new interests and enthusiasm for topics through writing

  40. To learn how to set priorities

  41. To learn to speak up for the things she wants

  42. Creativity

  43. Self-expression

  44. Multiple opportunities to take different kinds of risks

  45. Current info on writing contests and scholarships

  46. Local literary event information

  47. To be introduced to internationally-acclaimed women writers

  48. A plethora of gorgeous journals

  49. An afternoon where Katy Perry’s songwriter performs the lyrics of a song she has written

  50. Positive role models

  51. Help writing college application essays

  52. Meet women engaged in different types of writing: journalism, creative writing, songwriting, poetry, comedy, screenwriting

  53. Her own voice

  54. Confidence in her own voice

  55. Monthly super fun creative writing workshops

  56. Public readings

  57. Help preparing for public readings

  58. Positive feedback

  59. To discern what is legitimate content on the internet

  60. A supportive environment where she can express herself

  61. Healthy snacks at workshops

  62. Sweets and treats too

  63. To learn about many different careers and the steps to take to get there

  64. Hours to practice, hone, and master the art of public speaking

  65. A weekly meeting in a hip coffee shop to discuss her writing with a professional woman writer

  66. A new role model, soul sister, editor, proofreader

  67. The chance to see her writing PUBLISHED in an anthology that circulates the globe.

WriteGirl gives girls every single one of the things on this list.

You can help a girl get these things today. WriteGirl has a track record of sending 100% of our graduating seniors to college, many on partial or full scholarships.

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