WriteGirl Workshops: A Brief Memoir

Written by WriteGirl Mentee & Intern: Jennifer A., age 19


I love all the WriteGirl workshops: soda guzzling, pens scribbling, and mentees swarming like honeybees over mini strawberry covered cupcakes. IZZE fruit drinks are passed around and Dixie cups are scooped with ice that clanks and cracks as the fizzle of the soda mixes with the chatter in the air. I drink the crisp, slightly cooled drink and feel the numbing tingle from the ice cubes brush against the roof of my mouth. The room is painted in such radiant yellow, and outside the trees sway, “Hello.” Our visionary speaker takes the microphone. Her name is Ms. Taylor, accented with black Mary Jane heels, her blond hair swept into a ballerina bun. Her face is plump like an M&M. She is the founder of the WriteGirl mentoring program so the room goes quiet, like an army of hornets soothed by their queen bee. What she has to say is important ­­– it always is…her voice fills the room like lemonade in a tall glass, smoothly delivering a stream of wisdom and the next activity. Whenever one listens to her speak, the room is halted of all sound. She is like a conductor with a swirl of tones, always calm yet powerful with thought provoking concepts to inspire the next thread of creative masterpieces.