Made to Order – Custom Poem

Check out this custom poem written by a WriteGirl teen for Jane Anderson, a WriteGirl volunteer and Emmy Award-winning screenwriter, during last year’s campaign.

Jane loved her poem saying it was perfect and brilliant. “What my young poetess wrote was so apt that I have the poem tacked up on a wall in my office for inspiration.”

WriteGirl’s Write On! campaign allows you to donate to help WriteGirl teens find the power of their own voices. In return you will receive a piece of writing written by a WriteGirl teen. Click here to learn more about the Write On! Campaign and how you can get your own unique piece of writing.

The prompt Jane gave her was:  ”It’s summertime and I can’t bear the thought of being stuck indoors and writing. I want to be outside!”


The In Between

Summer’s breath crept

through the rosemary

by the door

into the house.

Wrapped itself around

table legs

coffee mugs

feathery bills.

Hot light sneaked

past the grass

through the glass

onto the floor.

Played across

chair backs

bare skin

humming screens.

The birds sang.

Come away.

Come away.

Come away.

Distant clouds rippled

over chlorine

baked earth

the hum of things

in trees.

Under the shadows

of the roof

in the room

full of words,


she worked.

To come away

come away

come away.

Come away

to the in-between.

– Greer,  age 17