Why I’m Grateful for WriteGirl . . .

Patrice G, age 17

WriteGirl helped me find myself.

I’ve been a part of WriteGirl for five seasons. It was here that I discovered my gift for writing poetry. I didn’t know my talent until I wrote my first poem, “My Mask,” and a WriteGirl mentor told me I was very imaginative. I’ve taken the guidance and feedback and now I’m self-motivated and determined to continue writing poetry and exploring my talents.

WriteGirl encourages me to express my feelings.

When I express myself through writing, I can be me without the self-judgment. Writing has helped me cope with my intense emotions. Sometimes I feel my emotions so deeply that they carry me away. I use to argue and fight with my family and schoolmates, but then I started to write poetry to put my feelings on paper. WriteGirl helped me conquer my feelings and turn them into life-changing words. “Built-up anger from different situations/These situations were locked in a box with a loose top/That top soon popped.” My journal is a tool I can use to stay sane.

WriteGirl mentors are great role models.

I’ve built some awesome relationships with WriteGirl mentors. Every time I attend a workshop, I meet another mentor I respect. For every mentee, there seems to be a perfect mentor. At the first WriteGirl workshop I attended, I was astonished when I met my mentor. Her bubbly spirit and warm heart allowed me to be open and honest, and her warmth stayed with me even after the workshop. I appreciate the WriteGirl mentors, the time they share with us as well as their writing abilities. It makes me want to become knowledgeable and skillful enough to become a mentor myself.