Life-changing Women and Girls!

Sneh C., age 13

The minute I stepped into my first Writegirl workshop, I was overwhelmed. I was speechless.

I can’t stress how amazing Writegirl really is, and I keep kicking myself for almost passing up the opportunity. I'm not going to lie, "shy" is not the first impression people get of me, but the truth is, I do stutter. I get nervous, self-conscious, and scared, and I get stuck in a shell I have to forget about. After just one workshop, Writegirl has begun to break me out...rescue me from that shell.

Not only did I find out that a song has more than the intro (the really catchy part) and the outro, but I got to meet a really fun, mentor for the day, Jlynn, who helped me with a lot more than songwriting. I learned that you can learn to do anything decently with the right help, and Writegirl gave me that.

But I think I learned the most important thing during lunch, where Jlynn and I had a chance to talk for a while. I learned that talking to someone about your passion is the most relieving thing you can do. Well, it was for me. I read her some of my writing, and she told me what she thought—and I also explained my writing style and why I like the type of books I like, which just happened to be the same type of books she liked.

And Jlynn just listened.

You know how I felt for the first time in a very long time? I wasn't stressed. My mind was cleared, and I was the happiest person you could meet.

I look forward to Writegirl more than anything else. I just want to give the Writegirl staff a hug. They work so hard to give us the help we need. It honestly still brings me to tears, because I am forever grateful to these life-changing women and everything they are doing for me. I cannot believe I have the opportunity to be around these intelligent girls who are so busy being themselves that they don't have time to care about what other people think. The whole thing truly is beautiful.

My first Writegirl workshop had to be, hands down, one of the best experiences of my life.