WriteGirl Alum Honored by African American Women in Cinema

Congratulations to WriteGirl alum Jeanine Daniels, who received the Rising Star Award at the African Women in Cinema's Women of Excellence Salute October 9 at the Morgan Stanley Headquarters in New York City. WriteGirl supporter Kim Purcell introduced Jeanine, whose groundbreaking web series "The Couple" was recently picked up for an HBO pilot deal. Her popular web series "That Guy," is based on her first feature film of the same name, which she then followed with its spin-off series, "Becoming Nia." Jeanine is a founding partner of the Black & Sexy TV media collaborative and is currently working on several new series, including producing and directing a documentary film on musicians whose work she features and develops mixtapes for throughout her creative endeavors.

Jeanine joined WriteGirl as a teen and a decade later she continues to shine and shake up the industry! As a director, producer, actor, and writer, she strives to feature diverse casts and tell stories that resonate universally. We look forward to Jeanine's next projects as she's an inspiration to all of us at WriteGirl!