WriteGirl welcomes energetic women of diverse professional backgrounds.

WriteGirl is currently seeking women volunteers to work with our teens as WRITING MENTORS and SUPPORT VOLUNTEERS for our core program. 

WriteGirl Workshops take place once a month in a variety of settings across the Los Angeles region! In the past we have held workshops at exciting locations including, The Huntington, The Japanese American National Museum, The GRAMMY Museum, the Writers Guild Theater and more!

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis. We welcome you to apply any time during the year!

Next Volunteer Trainings (Invitation only): February 2020

Download and read our volunteer INFORMATION sheet here.


All volunteers must be over the age of 18 and reside in the Greater Los Angeles area. Volunteers are required to attend one WriteGirl Volunteer Training. 

Mentors: Four-year college degree or substantial professional writing experience required. Mentors must submit writing samples with their application. Mentors work directly with our teens, usually on a one-on-one basis at our monthly workshops. Some mentors with availability and the desire can be permanently matched with our teen for weekly mentoring. Weekly mentors will be required to meet with their mentee outside of our regular workshops to work on writing. 

Support Volunteers:  Four-year college degree or excellent communication skills preferred. (Support volunteers work with our core program during the regular season. Support volunteers help behind the scenes, assisting with event prep, fundraising, and PR at our monthly workshops. Support volunteers do not mentor girls or boys.)

More information on both volunteer tracks can be found below.


WriteGirl is holding volunteer trainings in the fall of 2019 to welcome new volunteers to the program. If you are interested in volunteering for WriteGirl in any capacity, please fill out an application and join us. We will review applications in summer 2019. We'll have food, writing activities, and lots of information about how you can get involved. At the training session, you will learn specific techniques for mentoring teen girls.


Are you a writer who'd like to help a girl find her creative voice? Are you someone with strong communication skills? Interested in joining a vibrant community of women? We are looking for volunteers for our current season.

With more than twenty major events annually and a growing membership of women and girls, WriteGirl is interested in any skills you have to offer. Mentor a girl, help us promote our publications, co-produce a workshop or fundraising event, write press releases, design event flyers, or help with member communications. We will do our best to match your skills, interests and availability with our needs. You don’t have to be a professional writer, but all volunteers must have tenacious communication skills and a desire to help support the growth and development of this organization and the teen girls we serve.

Volunteers are required to attend a training and orientation session to learn more about the organization’s goals and needs, meet some of the WriteGirl leadership, learn our mentoring techniques, and get answers to your burning questions. We will help you find an effective volunteer role. All activities, whether highly visible or behind-the-scenes, directly impact the women and girls of WriteGirl and the quality of their experiences.

WriteGirl volunteers are asked to actively participate at all WriteGirl events, including our full-day workshops during the season (one Saturday each month, October–May), public readings and fundraising events, and to attend organizational meetings as needed. Some volunteer tasks can be accomplished entirely through email and the internet, but we still want to see you regularly and get to know you!

Minimum time commitment for all volunteers: 3 hours per month, in addition to monthly workshops

I love being a part of WriteGirl. It’s even fun without a mentee, because now, I can claim every girl as my own.
— A WriteGirl Mentor


TRAINING: All volunteers are required to attend one training/orientation. Once we review your application, we will contact you about an upcoming training session. You'll have a chance to learn more about WriteGirl's goals and needs, meet the leadership, gain some specific communication skills, and get answers to your burning questions.

TIME: We ask that volunteers commit to attend the once a month workshop and join one of the WriteGirl Volunteer Teams. Volunteer teams cover a verity of subjects pertaining to different goals and tasks within the WriteGirl world.  Our teams of volunteers are vital to WriteGirl's success. Teams usually meet once monthly. 

PARTICIPATION: All activities, whether highly visible or completely behind-the-scenes, directly impact the women and teens of WriteGirl and the quality of their experience. We ask all members to participate on one of our volunteer teams. There will be more information about the teams and activities at the training/orientation session. We'll do our best to match your skills, interests and availability with our needs.

COMMUNICATION: We ask our volunteers for clear and regular communication with our leadership, other volunteers, and our girls.



We are a lean, hard-working, enthusiastic, supportive, hearts-on-our-sleeves group. You can expect tenacious and frequent communication from our leadership. We will do our best to offer you a rewarding experience volunteering with WriteGirl. We're all about helping girls and women cultivate their creative voices, and we're glad you decided to apply to join us.

Thank you!


Volunteer Spotlight: One-on-One Mentoring


As a one-on-one mentor, you will meet with your mentee weekly at a coffee shop, community center or library convenient to her. Sessions usually last about an hour, and are entirely focused on writing. We will provide you with a wide variety of writing ‘experiments’ (‘exercises’ sound too much like work!) at your initial training and at every workshop throughout the season (October – June) for you to try with your mentee. We will also equip you with plenty of tools and skills to be an effective writing mentor to a girl, helping her to find her voice, put her creative ideas on paper and present her work in public. Together, you will both learn about new writing genres, as well as develop your communication and critical thinking skills.

One-on-one weekly mentors are accepted and matched by WriteGirl’s Mentoring Advisors after reviewing applicants’ expertise, experience, availability and other relevant information. Matching of pairs usually takes place at our monthly workshops, when both partners are present.

WriteGirl provides ongoing training and support for all mentors to help make the most of these rewarding partnerships.

While we realize that one-on-one mentoring requires a significant commitment, we ask all mentors to also participate on one of our volunteer teams as well, even in some small capacity. We’ve found that involvement on a team is the best way for you to get to know other members, and also for us to get to know you – that’s the “community” part of WriteGirl!

By the way, if the commitment of weekly mentoring is not for you, we always need one-on-one mentors at our monthly workshops and seminars.

Volunteer Spotlight: Public Relations

WriteGirl is full of energy and inspiration, and we love spreading the word about our innovative approaches and successful outcomes. WriteGirl obtains media coverage through local, regional and national media outlets. We can always use help promoting our events and the sales of our books, so we can reach more girls. We have developed an extensive array of media materials, including a website, media kit with clippings, and press releases, so you'll have plenty of promotional materials (and a group of wonderful people) to work with. Help us raise WriteGirl's profile and generate greater support of our program.  Sarah Leonard, professional public relations executive and volunteer: "It's so rewarding to use my professional skills to be part of a cause I believe in – empowering young girls. Even though I am not a mentor, I share the success and pride of the group when I see our WriteGirls thrive."

What if you don’t live in Los Angeles?

If you share the goals of WriteGirl but are not currently living in Los Angeles, you may be able to find a local mentoring organization where you could volunteer by visiting www.mentoring.org


In WriteGirl Volunteers' own words...

"I love this program. I'm in complete awe of how women can use their ink to write how they feel."

"There is nothing more hopeful than listening to the powerful words of a young woman.""I see the women in the girls. In their shining eyes I see their future as leaders, women of strength and purpose.""I've been busy doing - this reminded me how nice it is to stop, think, listen and share."