About Our Workshops

Each month in the WriteGirl season (September through June), mentors lead creative writing workshops, covering topics such as Poetry, Songwriting, Journalism, Screenwriting, and Creative Nonfiction. 

Workshops are lively, interactive, and rich with writing tools, tips, and techniques. There are moments when the room is completely still except for the scratch of pens, and moments when girls and women share questions, answers, and creative work. Each workshop features special guests, music, writing experiments, and plenty of nutritious snacks and drinks. 

WriteGirl workshops represent a coming together of our membership, our combined creative power, and our inspiration. The results, some of which are captured in our newsletters and publications, are always thought-provoking and impressive.

Bring WriteGirl Workshops to Your Organization


WriteGirl members are available to plan, conduct and evaluate customized creative writing workshops for any youth group that is interested in adding the power of writing to their program activities. Because our members are professional writers, the quality of WriteGirl workshops are bound to bring great value to your membership, whether through a full-day workshop or an abbreviated or focused program.

For more information about working together with WriteGirl, please contact us at workshops@writegirl.org


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